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While we have noticed an increase in the numbers of Bluefin Tuna around us over the last 5 or 6 years it was only in 2019 with the issuing of a new Tuna Licence that it became legal for us to target big Bluefin Tuna. So, after successfully applying for and getting one of these licences I went about getting the equipment to target these great game fish. With a little bit of effort, we managed to get on the fish and our best Bluefin to date is one of 104 inches straight fork length which comes in at 778lbs in the tables! While fishing for these we have come across great pods of Common Dolphins, numerous Minkie whales and even a few Humpback whales in a feeding frenzy with lots of seabirds. This along with the scream of that first run as a Tuna takes the bait makes this a thrilling visual fishing experience.

The season starts here mid-August and will run until mid-November and our normal fishing method is trolling. All Tuna fishing is catch and release. As we have to move off and cover the ground this tends to be a longer day with the boat away around 8 am, or first light as the season moves on, until 6 or 7 in the evening or as it gets dark.

The price for a day’s Tuna charter is 650euro and we can of course tailor a fish and stay package for you. Please contact us on the Prices & booking page and put in the comments that you want to fish for Tuna or feel free to ring me on 00353 (0)87 6367544